*Dollars spent in advertising source: Advertising Age, "Leading National
Advertisers," June 24, 2003. (Adage.com) fick McDonalds mindre trafik till sin webbplats än http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net. Signaturen Maddox retar gallfeber på massor och besvarade ett hatmejl från en snorkig miljonär på följande vis:

Isn’t that a bitch?  Do you have any idea how great it feels to
command more power than millionaires when you’re "just middle class?"  Try
buying that with your money.  How does it feel to know that all your
wealth can’t buy one second of respect from anyone?  People are saturated
with your bullshit ads, and we’re tired of buying your crap.  The clock is
ticking, fat-boy.  We’ve had enough of your shitty wages, your
shitty service, and your shitty attitude.

/Inlägget "How is it possible that a guy with a small penis
and a hairy back is more powerful than Pepsi on the Internet?
" på hans hemsida.

McDonalds spenderade drygt en halv miljard (yepps, nio nollor) dollar då mätningarna gjordes. Maddox spenderade 0 dollar. Zip. Nada.