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I picked up an interesting video from Nokia World were Chris Anderson (editor of Wired and famous author of The Long Tail) from Björn Jeffrey (internetstrategist and CEO of Good Old). Chris speaks around the theme of what happens when things get free (or almost free) and draws paralells between the computer transistor and media. The main message is that abundance is the driving force for growth. If you have ever read spiritual books dating from the 70:ies, you heard that before. And it seems to be absolutely correct. We´re seeing a new breed of high tech hippies with several gurus (Chris is definately one of them) and a manifesto.

Watch the video and contemplate about what blogs and other form of free personal media will do for the spread of ideas, knowledge and entertainment the coming years… Think about what the printing press had come to mean a hundred years after it´s invention for ordinary people across the world. With the spead of todays societal change the impact of blogs will probably be evident 10 years of less after it´s invention. And of course we haven´t seen the end of the development of personal media – with the ever increasing amount of bandwith and the ever decresaing cost of it – the broadcasting capability of every single person with access to Internet will probably be of a scale we today can hardly grasp in a few years.

What would YOU say if you had the attention of millions of peope?