Keren Dagan, a really intersting and nice guy I met online (thanks to a tip on Antons Jaiku) has written an intereseting and very comprehensive post about social search engines. He´s also currently a beta-tester of Twingly.com He explains very comprehensively what a social search engine is, provides good and bad examples and gives his view on what makes a good social search engine based on three pillars; the search, the content and the community.

He points out that there not too much to show on the content and community side:

It is not enough to provide a simple way to upload one’s eclectic web links to the system, it is also important to provide a way to expend the content in the same social fashion. It is not enough to provide the option to  add friends or search in one’s contact list(not that I’m too excited about this method), it is also important to help a person to find new friends; expending his network and at the same time the search engine input base.

I agree. And from my point of view there are already too many places to sign up. I would rather see a social search engine with som sort of built in “see what likeminded people searched for and finally clicked on”. A blog serach engine like Twingly with a community would provide the necessary data to be able to analyze the combination of people, interests and serach behavior.