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I love blogs and bloggers. That didn´t happen over night though. First I went through all the usual fear-reactions – isn´t it just being narcisistic (talking about yourself and letting your ego run amok) and isn´t it stupid to be open about what you think and like (people can take advantage of you or be scared to hire you etc). My philosophical stand point today is fuck it. What really matters to anyone is to decide for themselves whether they consider the world to be an evil place to protect oneself from or a friendly place to plunge into. You decide and the world will respond.

Expansion of human being
It´s cool that people all over the world are getting empowered to speak their own truth and connect to thers. That makes the world smaller and the little guy both more powerful and related to other people for love, work and play. Connecting with others through sharing your innermost (depending on your courage) thoughts and feelings is perhaps the most beautiful and rewarding activity anyone can engage in. Try it – you´ll like it! ;-)

Media Intelligence
It´s cool that ordinary people know have the means to publish their own media. That is like breaking up the Berlin Wall as far as the media landscape is considered. Blogs and traditional media merges and that creates a new public sphere. That means that the spread of ideas and opinions changes fundamentally – a fact that every professional communicator (be it politician or marketer) have to deal with.

Consumer Insight
It´s cool that people in their role of consumers now have an outlet for their experiences, dreams and desires that doesn´t involve filling in tedious surveys or trying to contact the producers and distributers of goods and services via phone, mail or shops. And producers also get a more effective way of understanding their market. The blogosphere provides an never before seen richness in data about both the people out there, their needs, desires and response to whatever you put out there. Be it a political idea, a product or a service.