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My friend Niclas (Deepedition) Strand asked bloggers to tell about their blog names and/or handles (in swedish) used in social media. Here we go.

  1. How did you create your blog title? Or if you use a handle/fictious name when you comment – how did you get it?

    I created my blog when all my thoughts about how media analysis could be done better didn´t have enough room in my head. I had too many thoughts about other stuff aswell that I didn´t feel I got any use of/feedback on at my work or in my life as it was at that point. I came up with the name after a lot of thinking (a little too much to be healthy I think – there, I did it again!! ), hence the explanation below.

  2. What´s the story behind your blog name/handle/fictious name?
    I was working a lot with measuring the effectiveness of Public Relations at the time – thinking about what Public Relations really IS and hence how it would be possible to measure it. So the first connotation with the name is actually a mashup of PR and Effect. But the thing is that I think it is vital to understand that such a measurement cannot be universal (general/apply to every type of PR in every type of situation) I also liked the fact that spelling it this way implied that measuring the effect of PR cannot be a perfect measure. And since I don´t like being in the audience only (measuring other peoples work) I like that the word also can mean Effective PR – opening for the name to be used when helping people communicate at relate – not only implying analysis.

    But when I started going down the rabbit-whole I started finding more and more meanings. Since the R stands for Relations – the consequence is that you open up for the people-aspect of media analysis and communication. It´s not about media – it´s about people, kinda. And no-one´s perfect. But at the same time everyone is perfect. Or at least PRfekt… Like me! ;-)

    And on it goes – my handle and blog name is symbolic and hence about layers of meaning – which is a reflection of who I am and where I come from. There´s a lot of Thinking (purpose and logic) and a lot of iNtuition (meaning and symbolism). Now when the blog actually have turned into an analysis company consisting of four people and a lot of techie stuff there is still unfolding new layers of meaning – and the truth behind the name just keeps on growing!