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I´ve been speaking a bit about how the media landscape is changeing. The same forces that are behind that shift is behind a lot of other changes in the world right now. But what´s changing really?

Otto Scharmer is an economist at MIT and he´s got a cool theory that takes a lot into account. He points out three major shifts that we are going through now that pretty much sums up all that I´ve ever come across or spoke about here on the blog.

1. Techo-Economi Shift: the rise of the global economy.
Yes, we´ve had international companies for a while now – but global financial markets are a new thing. It has become very hard to predict the fluctuations in the economy – both nationally, regionally and internationally. I personally love the headline in an artice in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter a while ago; somthing like “the chinese pork prices keeps the Swedish inflation down”. :-)

2. (Power) Relational Shift: the Rise of the network society.
It used to be hiearchical; the president rules and administers the power downwards. The same went for large corporations as with countries or international organisations. Now the one that is able to network can sidestep the slow institutions. More and more people choose to become free agents rather than tap into the power source of employer organisations for instance. And all it takes to project power over countries is a good network – ask any military scholar about what has happened since Vietnam; and escalated.

3. Global Shift in Conciousness: rise of a new awareness.
The hearts and minds of the people used to be controlled by the churches and the mass media. Internet and the communication technologies are changeing all that. That threatens the old insitutions and forces them to find new ways of even AFFECTING the hearts and minds of people. If you can´t beat them – join them, seems to be the most common strategy today when traditional media institutions go online. However; more and more people all over the world is getting access to so much information and the ways of sharing ideas and opinions are exploding much faster than any media company or religious or political institution can ever keep up past with. People are finding and using their own voices and forming their own world views in an ever increasing speed and amount.

All these three shifts have three things in common: they are historically new, they affect the distribution of power (economically, culturally, politically and in every other aspect of human society) and they are NOT good news for the large and the slow of the world (i.e. institutions). My interpretation is that they all merge into more power to the little guy – especially the creative and social ones.

From a western perspective, during the last couple of hundred years (a piss in the ocean of human civilization) we´ve seen the rise and fall of the working class (Marx was wrong in the short term, but might be right in the long run), the rise and fall of the service class (outsourcing and automatization anyone?) and are now seeing the rise of the creative class (about 30-35% of the US work force according to Otto Scharmer).

Creativity and socializing (along with spiritual experiences) resides in our right hemispheres. If you have a blog you can check for your self here.