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Almost two weeks ago Twingly presented their report about the FRA debate in the Swedish blogosphere together with the PR firm Greenhill Relations. The report was commisioned by the Swedish Social Democratic Party and referred to in the Swedish Newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Me, Björn and Ragnar from PRfekt were there and listened invited by Martin Källström. The conclusion from the report was that Swedish bloggers had a large influence on the debate.

The Rationals dominate the debate in the blogosphere
Using our psychographic analysis tool we have looked closer to the blogs to find out more about what bloggers had the most influence over the debate. For this purpose we have used the psychographic segmentation of the four Temperaments as described by David Keirsey.

NT = Rationals NF = Idealists SP = Artisans SJ = Guardians

The diagram shows the temperaments of posts mentioning the FRA law proposal in relation to all collected blog posts in Swedish during the same period. You can clearly see that Rationals are dominating the FRA debate. David Keirsey:

Rationals are very scarce, comprising as little as 5 to 10 percent of the population. But because of their drive to unlock the secrets of nature, and to develop new technologies, they have done much to shape our world.

The Rationals links the most to domestic news (SvD) during June
There is no reason to believe that the Rationals are more common in Sweden than in the United States. So we can conclude that this small group of people are the ones dominating the debate. And they are also busy in commenting on the debate in traditional media. Here is a picture of the Temperaments that where linking to one of Swedens biggest newspaper online Svenska Dagbladet when the debate took off in June:

Rationals – 5 per cent increase in the blogospshere in June
We have analysed a bit more than 1 million pretty randomly picked blog posts in Swedish and can see that posts written in a Rational persona consists of about 13 per cent (or 134 259 posts). In june, however, the Rationals consisted of 18 per cent (or 11 555 posts). Our preliminary research also indicates that Rationals are linking A LOT more to other blogs and online media than the other temperaments. We can also see that the most active bloggers wrote a lot of posts during June:

Rationals are the really influential bloggers!
So, conclusively, a few bloggers where the most influential in creating what Twingly called the Blog Quake (Bloggbävningen) and it seems like they all wrote in the persona of Rationals. Rationals seems to be the absolutely most engaged bloggers in terms of reacting to news stories (linking to news media online) and are also more engaged in other peoples blogs than the other temperaments.

Only during the initial breaking news-period of the debate other personas engaged in the debate. Most people in the blogosphere and in society are either Guardians (SJ) or Artisans (SP) – and they obviously did not engage very much in the FRA debate over all.

Politicians: learn to communicate concrete and personal to engage more people!
Politically engaged people, in my opinion, tend to speak another language than most people. Choosing the right words isn´t that hard when it comes down to it, really. Rationals (NT) and idealists (NF) prefer abstract words while Guardians (SJ) and Artisans (SP) prefer concrete words. That is something that any professional communicator must deal with:

Environment Politics

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But there is still a long way to go obviously. ;-)

All slides plus a diagram over the Mood Reactions in June here:

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