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Ok, I am not an analyst like Mattias but I am going to use our tool to see what the blogosphere has to say about being hangover (“bakfull”). So, in Ragnars neat GUI I entered the word ‘bakfull’, blog posts mentioning that word is collected via Twingly (big thanks to them), after retrieving posts they are sent to our classifier server in which all posts passes five classifiers that looks at different aspects of how the language is composed. Then viola, they show up in nice graphs in our GUI. In this case, it took about 30 seconds for me to retrieve and classify about 3000 posts mentioning ‘bakfull’.

Now imagine

Now imagine that you are from another culture and have just invented a hangover cure. Somebody told you that Swedish people have a lot of heavy hangovers so you figure that Sweden could be a good target audience for your pills. Now how would you promote it if you didn’t know anything about the Swedish culture? Let’s see if our tool can help you. You log into our tool and enter the word ‘bakfull’, and here we go!


First we can clearly see in the overview that ‘bakfull’ is commonly used in the blogosphere as someone already told you.

Good you think!! A lot of people are mentioning bakfull, Sweden may be a good place to sell my anti hangover super pill!


Looking on the trend from the beginning of 2008, you can also clearly see reoccurring spikes. Now, being from another culture, why is that you puzzeled ask yourself?

So you zoom in on the last month, here we can clearly see that the intervals span over a week at a time.

Aha, you realise, on Sundays people mentions ‘bakfull’, this probably means that Saturday is the big party night. But what if Swedish people enjoy being hung over, if that is the case there is no point for me going there and trying to selling my pill. Hmm, how can I find out… oh, how fortunate, PRfekt’s tool has a mood button, let’s click it right away.


Looking at mood, the red color being negative and the green positive

Generally people who are hung over don’t like it. Good you think, seeing options to monetize your anti hangover pills. What are they saying about being hung over? Lets drill down to the actual posts, one negative blog post says

“Idag har jag lidit helvetets forbannelse utav sviterna ifran gardagens oerhort tunga utgang, och varit svart bakfull hela dagen. Satan vad lag jag har varit, har knappt kunnat rora pa mig Idag har jag inte gjort nagonting alls, bara legat vid pOOlen och sorplat kall cOOla”

Ok, helping people to avoid being hangover in Sweden seems like a pretty good idea. Perhaps I should contact stores and give them free samples to distribute to customers buying Coca Cola on Sundays?


Now, how should I brand my pills? What slogan should I use? What type of advertisement should I use? What people are generally hangover? What type of communication should I apply? I only wish I had a moment of insight… oh, what a coincident there is an insight tab in PRfekt tool, let’s click on that and see what happens :)

You narrow the chart down to two series, the two dominating ESFP and ESFJ. What to do from here? Well, either consult Mattias or read research on the different types. By doing that you may find a something like this about ESFP:

“ESFPs are extremely literal and concrete when communicating. They say things in a very direct, abrupt manner, and can sometimes even unintentionally seem quite harsh. They like things to be communicated to them in a similar, concrete fashion. They dislike theory and abstraction, and will frequently misunderstand the jist of a communication if it is not communicated in a factual, present-tense manner. Discussions regarding the future or the past are not the ESFP’s strong suit, and in fact they’re likely to misconstrue future-looking statements as something that needs immediate attention. When they discover that the discussion is not regarding an immediate concern, they become disinterested.”

Now, knowing that, you should probably not go out with a catchy slogan like

“By increasing your level of hypoglycemia this pill decreases your hangover by 80% with a 95% chance!”

(this would rather appeal to people with a T, e.g. INTJ) nor should you use something too abstract with muddled metaphors. Rather try with something like

“Hangover? I fix you up right away and I taste really good!”


I am aware that the example with hangover doesn’t really provide any news, expect perhaps to some the last part about communication. We already know that people drink on Saturdays and consequently have a hangover the next day. My point is to show what can be done with our tool today. Analogous to a foreign trying to sell a new product in Sweden are all people who have products or brands in a less well known domain than hangover.

Even in a well known domain, such as hangover, a lot of questions may arise such as: Our imaginary foreign perhaps want to see how the competitors are doing on the market in Sweden. Are people who are mentioning their brand and hung over happier than those who don’t? Let’s say that you want to snatch a segment that a competitor has missed out? What segment is that? How to you communicate with them? Why not monitor a campaign over time, to make sure your efforts are working? I believe that our tool can answer many of these questions.