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A friend of mine, Lisa Rosén has recently started a web page about how to make money on the internet – helping people to become their own boss. The idea is definately not new – there is a crowd in the same business. That makes it necessary to compete about the visitors. One effective way of doing that is making it easy for bloggers to link to their page and thus enhancing the ranking in search engines. Lisa has still not done what Fillippa K recently did – making their corporate website yummy for both search engines and bloggers looking for content to distribute.

My suggestions are to create her site using a blog tool such WordPress to manage the content. That way she can provide content concurrent -which Google LOVES when it comes to choose what web page to show first in the list. The logic is that a web page that often provides new content on a relevant topic (earning money on the web) are probably made by a very ENGAGED person. A person that makes an extra effort to give value to the visitors of their page. See the point? Google want´s to give you serach results from sources that are the most likely to make you happy when searching for something.

If you use a blog tool you also get the advantage of having nice and easy linking possibilities for otherts to use when linkijng to your site. Because of the permalinks in blogposts it is easy for others to link to different posts that they have sumbled upon when Googeling around on the web – and YOU love people linking to your site! So provide good content in small portions and often using a blog tool for your home page and boost your possibilities to make money on the web! ;-)