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I often realize that I don´t come across to people. Probably it´s because I spend my days focusing on what MIGHT be, rather than in what is. This is my vision

Extracting insights from digital voices
My vision is to spread human insights on the web so people can live more satisfactory lifes. I see two roads to accomplish that. Free, fun and ad funded self exploration for individuals and commercial applications that helps companys and organisation better fullfill their customers needs and desires.

To be able to do this in a large scale my idea is to train a computer to recognise different personality types by analysing word usage. My theoretical framwork is primarily based on C.G. Jungs and Isabel Myers-briggs work and pre-supposes that personality type is dynamic. Therefore it must be measured over time which makes blogs ideal. Furthermore my opinion is that the analysis of personal texts says something about the persona used and not the individual in all it´s complexity.

The individual vs online personas
My hypothesis is that blogs are more often than not reflecting ONE consistent persona. From a marketers perspective, for instance, this would pose an opportunity rather than a problem since it makes it possible to study in what psychological state people speak about or behave in a certain way – without the scewing of the data that questionnaires and particapatory studies often leads to. Again, this tells something about human behaviour, without necessary saying anything about one particular individuals total psychological make-up. the value lies in observing patterns in aggregated data.

PRfekt mission
My personal mission is to develop this system and find as many ways as possible to spread the knowledge produced by the system. As a help in the development process me and Jon Kågström put up a webpage called Typealyzer that let people analyze blogs to test and evaluate the concept of psychographic text analysis. Read his story of the work here – getting techy with it. By watching the reactions we would see if we were on the right track or not.

I have lots of ideas on free (ad funded) consumer sites, but to finance ourselves and the extensive research needed we need to find means to capitalize on the work – even under the development phase. I realized early on that psychographic text analysis might have many commercial applications such as:

– Large scale, real-time and non-intrusive marketing research by analyzing how bloggers (as consumer voices) engages in brands and channels online.

– Further improvement of targeted marketing by adjusting communication style to the audience personality type.
(update:) I agree with Kristoffer “Dojan” Björkman as he hints in a commentary at Newsdesk 2.0 that it is important not to disturb people with unwanted advertisement and prefer to rather present more relevant content instead of advertisment based on exposure. Kinda like Google ads.

– Help recruiters screen job applications based on personality typ.

– Matching profiles on dating sites to help users find their type

– Help organisations analyze and improve internal communications by analyzing project information flow

– Help web site owners optimize interaction design for different user categories

-(update:) Help media companies optimize content and sell ads based on reader segmentation

A personal milestone – psychographic results that stands for scrutiny
Et cetera. On my birthday, the 17th of august this year, Jon showed me the first psychographic analysis data that made me feel that we (after several nuked sets of training data and datalingusitc methods) had achieved really interesting results on the fundamental idea – performing automated psychographic text analysis. And for the first time we managed to do it in the English language which made it possible for a whole lot of more people to try it and give feedback. See the first enthusastic video presentation here and an example marketing insight report here.

Want to contribute – don´t hesitate to contact me! ;-)
My wish now is to get further resources to be able to continue. This far I have financed almost two years of reserach and development from savings, a loving family and as much consultancy work that I have had energy for while trying to keep everything rolling.