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I´ve ran some song lyrics through our psychographic classifyers and found some cool results that I don´t really know what they mean. I tested Love me do and Revolution by the Beatles and God of Thunder by KISS and here´s what I found out about personality type and mood (strenght within brackets:

Love me do:        E (85) S (77) F (100) J (100) Happy (100) = The Socializers
According to Myers-Briggs in Gifts Differing they:

Value above all harmonius human contacts… and anxious to conform to all legitimate expectations.

Revolution:         I (74) S (55) F (93) J (55) Upset (57) = The Nurturers

Carry responsibility especially well…are very hard working…and make an excellent adaptation to routine.

God of Thunder: I (73) N (96) F (97) P (90) Upset (93) = The Idealists

Value, above all, harmony in the inner life of feeling…have feelings that are deep, but seldom expressed, because inner tenderness and passionate conviction are both masked by reserve and repose…no desire to impress or influence others.

As far as I know John Lennon wrote both the lyrics and they wouldn´t as much reflect the author as, maybe, what type of audience are attracted to it. I´m a fan of Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearsons marketing theory presented in the Hero and the Outlaw that says that a brand attracts different audiences. That makes me wonder if there are patterns to be found in for instance what bloggers that says they like the different songs.

I´ve two different approaches to the problem I´ve developed the Myers-Briggs personality type classifyers (can be found here and via Typealyzer) during a long time know and just recently started testing a Mark-Pearson Archetypes classifyer that looks directly at words in archetypical stories such as war Hero stories and hi-tech Magician stories for example. The latter needs more training data, but will probably be cool.

If you´re interested in helping out with researching this – send me an e-mail!