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Consistency are for wussez. I recently wrote about the vision and mission of PRfekt. And then Kevin Roberts from Saatchi & Saatchi (thanx to Mattias Johansson) reminded me of that mission statements usually ends up in Baghdad or Basra. And I more want to end up in Lahore or San Fransisco, if you know what I mean.

My dream has partly come true now. I wanted to do automatic psycholanalysis by combining datalingvistics and Jungian psychology – just to see if it worked. And it did.

But I also dreamt about revolutionizing the media analysis business (I thought most we did when analyzing press clippings was really stupid) – so I dreamt of adding knowledge about the audiences to content analysis.

But when I looked at it all closer I started dreaming of beeing part of the marketing revolution – you know where marketers stop beeing manipulative dressers-up of the truth to same-level conversationalists and true business men. You, know the ones that do business to make the world a better place, rather than satisfying their own our their customers greed and nothing more.

Part of my dream was to meet cool and interesting people regularly and both have the opportunity to listen and spread my own thoughts. I love conversations! I don´t like chit-chat, sucking up (even if it´s done to me) and people that are closed minded and proud of it. I´m a big fan of measurement so I decided to measure the full-fillment of my dreams by how much I smile every day. I´ve smiled SOOOOO much more on a daily basis the last two years than in most of my prior life. And I´ve learned that crying and feeling frustrated a lot comes with it aswell. But I do live much of my dream now.

My dream is to do that psychographic thingie and find cool people to do it together with and see it flower out there via the Internet. I´d like to see the little brand PRfekt in so many different types of situations; in boardrooms, on computer screens, on the entrances to beautiful houses and gardens and on as many cool digital vizualizations and presentations as possible.

I would like poor people to become wealthy thanx to it, sad people become happy, seekers to be finders, creative and fun-loving people have fun and analytical and cautious people to gain insight.

And from the deepest depth of my poor old ego – I want to be able to make a living from it that doesn´t require me to be at a certain place at a certain time. And I want to be able to create and play with an endless array of new projects that derrives from it – be it about marketing, entertainment, dating, litterature or helping people to get more out of work, school or relationsships. I want to be able to have fun in different areas of interest.

This is, for me, reassurance that at least part of my (and my dream companion Jon´s) dreams are actually manifesting:

ReadWriteWeb about uClassify and Typealyzer – because it´s always more fun to SHARE with everyone!

Kevin Kelly about Typealyzer – man, do I like people that thinks LONG TERM!!! :-)
May all your dreams come true – and please have the courage to start chasing them!