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I do what I do because I had a hunch that the whole media industry would change fundamentally. When I started to do a lot of thinking on my own (instead of reading the short-sighted industry press for instance) I stumbled upon more and more signs of fundamental change in all of society.

I saw that the search for meaning in our lives and the marketing industry is closely related. And that blogs changes the relations in the media industry. But every time I´ve lifted a new stone I´ve found the same patterns of change. It´s all about transparency and people. Everywhere!

And if you just extrapolate that a bit you see the future.

We´re all going to be relating cyborgs. Every sci-fi writer knows that. Maybe most haven´t really emphasized the relating part enough though.

I believe that what will REALLY matter in the future is psychological maturity – or how psychologically adaptive a person is. Nothing else. We will have connected computers that takes care of most of the everyday aspects of relating. Which will be what is left for us to do when we have automatized most production. Except food, which will be a sign of status to produce personally or within your closest social network.

The most transparent people will be the ones with highest status, when social status have outranked material status.  And yes, in the future we WILL know who sleeps with whom. Nurturing the kids to never develop fears of rejection and feelings of being un-loved, the major psychological drivers of our current society, will be top on the agenda within all of society thanks to the abundance of information.

The number one driving force in all the change that is about to come is the transformation of the monetary system. The hopefully not so short period of transformation from focus on debt and scarcity to creativity and abundance will be D Day in the history books The people of today that have experience of low consumption-levels, flexibility in social relations and where and how they provide for the basic needs will be the first of the new breed.

Some possibly contra-intuitive predictions:

It will NOT be a sign of status not to be transparent and exposed.
That´s only helpful when anonymous money is the number one source of power. When relations and the ability to create something remarkable is the number one source of power exposure comes with it.

It will NOT be a threat to integrity to be transparent – it will be the basis of true integrity. Having one behaviour at work and another when you think nobody is watching isn´t integrity and has never been.

It will NOT be a society where people lay around eating donuts all day instead of doing something productive.
The desire to contribute to the welfare of others are a built in feature of us being social animals. Frightened and stressed animals behave differently from healthy ones, though. The human potential to create is actually infinate – as every parent of normally healthy kids know. And let me tell you a secret – the meaning of life isn´t actually contributing to GNP or even the circulation of money. It´s OK to settle with the basic needs plus enjoying oneself or the company of others.

It´s all happening. Go see for yourself.