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I held a little workshop here at Ängsbacka today about getting started with social media and(postpost-?) modern tools like Google Docs, Reader etc. We started out by the discussing the WHY´s about using these tools. Why change? Most people today are used to using a mail-client and Microsoft Office and a lot of people working with marketing are used to specialized (commercial) software like InDesign and Photoshop. Most of us have learnt to use a local server for storage, log in to the organizations intranet and that some guy from the IT-department decides what software we can use at work. So why change?

Social Media Adaptation Hindrences

When it comes to social media, or more appropiately the social web, or even better – the Internet model 2010, we can do (almost) everything most office workers need to do for free online. The advantage is not directly comparable – it´s not like comparing a Volvo and a BMW. It´s like comparing a horse carriage and a car. Their different. But the car is more powerful and efficient. You can´t do everything with with a car that you can do with a horse. At least not with the same quality (becoming a friend or pet it, for instance which is good reasons to have a horse, I believe).

The good news is that with a proper analysis (yes! How come I feel so good about writing that!) ;-) we can adress the resistance that most of us, I´m sure, meet with clients and collegues. What to do?

Upper right: If you get it share it! Create tutorials, share your knowledge, talk to and inspire people!
Lower right: Continue writing the “corporate bullshit” laden blogposts and presentations and share them!
Lower left: Meet new people. Join new groups. Step out of your comfort zone and be SOCIAL.
Upper left: Self-reflect and do things you´re afraid of. Then share what you learnt with the world.