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Even though there are over a billion people on Facebook now, most people according to my experience, actually don´t know how to use Facebook to share a link to antoher web page. In this tutorial I show how to grab the link to a web page, in this case an Ängsbacka event, and put it on your own Facebook page so your friends can see it, click the link and visit the web page outside Facebook.

In the video I explain what a link is (the same thing as an URL and a web adress pointing to something) and how to create one on your Facebook page (or, rather, attach it to a status update).

I also show how you easily can share someone else´s status update (your message on your Facebook wall) including the link that it already contains on your own Facebook page using Facebooks built in share-function.

I made the screencast using Screenflow – an excellent software that records your screen, your web cam and microphone at the same time and lets you edit it into a screencast. For the audio recording I used an Audio-Technica ATR 3350 lavalier microphone together with an Ohmega 7253 for pre-amplification.