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The Internet runs on love. But not everyone online knows how to give love by linking to a person or an idea that they would like to give a little concrete love to. Because, since search engines like Google rank pages based primarily on how many inlinks (that is: people like you that have linked to them) they have – you actually help promote, for instance another blogger, both directly via the readers of your web page that clicks the link – and indirectly via that you can give the web page a little extra boost in search rankings.

In the video I forget to tell you that it is important exactly what words you make the link of, for instance:

If I want my buddy Björn Falkevik´s blog (he´s an online video producer and the guy that thaught me about screencasts) to be more likely to show up high when people search for “online video” I would create a link on exactly those words. Like this: Go visit Björn to learn more about online video production.

In the video I use an Ängsbacka event as an example of how a web page or blog post with a list of workshops and workshopleaders can be turned into a link love feast. The tricky part is actually that not everyone makes it easy for others to give them link love, by having their own web pages or using their name as a web adress (e.g. I use http://www.mattiasostmar.net). The blog post is written using free and powerful WordPress, and exactly how to create a link might look a little different depending on what publishing tool you use.

Remember: if you want to get love and attention – the best way is to start giving it yourself!

Note: I made the screencast using Screenflow – an excellent software that records your screen, your web cam and microphone at the same time and lets you edit it into a screencast. For the audio recording I used an Audio-Technica ATR 3350 lavalier microphone together with an Ohmega 7253 for pre-amplification.