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I often hear people complain about what people publish in social media. “Why would I want to know what people eat for dinner with their relatives or them bragging about how exciting lives they pretend to live ?!”. The funny thing is that it´s only people that normally HAVE that kind of conversations with their friends that complain about it! Social media is all about everyday conversations – and thus very revealing of how you view the world, spend your time and what people you take an interest in.

Hear no evil see no evil speak no evilphoto © 2009 Clare Bell | more info (via: Wylio)

When Facebook became mainstream, mainstream people for the first time saw what their friends we´re talking about most of the time. Since 70 per cent of the western population (the article says world, but I think their mistaken) is actually living with that world views – that´s what you probably get when you browse social media.

The early adopters of innovative tools like social media and the Internet were (note!) more likely to be people operating from the more advanced green (loves connecting with people!) and yellow (loves flexibility and innovation!) world views.

I´ve set up an introduction to Integral Communication here at the website if you want to hear learn more about this. And maybe you might get a new perspective of your actual self by seeing what pops out of your mouth! ;-)