It´s a good thing to hang out on social media such as Facebook and Twitter if you have something to bring to the market. Be it a place, a book or yourself as a consultant.

However, it´s not a good thing to hang there if you don´t have it yet. It will most likely scatter your attention and bring about opportunities that pushes you away from your origianl intentions.

Furthermore, social media inherently makes you focus on your own person and your own life. In order for you to lead a balanced and healthy life that needs to be balanced with an interest in other people and the lives of others. The satisfaction gained from being followed, liked and payed attention to can easily become addictive and make you focus more and more on yourself.

That might make you unbalanced and narcissistic. Even if you interact with others using social media – those conversations might very well be based on two persons playing out of narcissistic character traits and thus bring both into even deeper narcissism.

An antidote towards this development is to not be connected to the Internet and social media regularly. Choose the tools with the most emotional bandwidht available for your connection with your friends, family and co-workers.

And, maybe alltogether, wait until you know for yourself what you want to “bring to the market” so well that you can and do state it simply and direct using any tools or in direct conversation. It will probably help you succéd in your venture more, unless you need to first find people to help you get a head with your project. Then telling about what you want to do and who you are is indeed a good start.

It will save you a lot of time, focus and stress-inducing choices and administration.

Dynamic character type people tend to enjoy micro-blogs
Some people are more prone to use and “succéed” in social media than others. They are the so called social media naturals.

People with a natural (or gained through effort) talent for having lots of short and parallell conversations and a knack for quick comments and judgements on new people, ideas or statements quickly gains attention in social media in general. This lies in the structure of social media itself, especially the real-time short-format micro-blog and social network services such as Twitter and Facebook.

A blog is more to be likened with a column. There´s more time and space for thoughts and reflections. It´s not necessarily real-time interactions with the readers that are neither wanted nor achieved. That is not to say that you can´t be profound and insightful using the micro-formatted social media, you definately can, but the media itself brings certain limitations (lenght) and time frames (uncensroed and real-time respons).

How personal do you need to be?
Revealing your innermost thoughts and emotions definately helps you to succéd in social media no matter what channels you use. However, what really matters is if you know your intention with using the available communication tools. Social media is a good servant and a terrible master.