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Whether you communicate professionally or personally there are four fundamental aspects to it. Any firm that claims to be full service needs to deliver on all four quadrants.

Holistic View of Communication

It´s very rare for the same person to be proficient at all aspects and, as a team, it´s very rare that people that are naturals on either side even can communicate efficiently with each other. The big divide goes between left and right – the people from the arts and humanities on the left and the science and technology people on the right. The main reason is that the methodologies for measuring “good” differs in some very profound ways.

The left objective side measure with typically scientific methodology – empiric observation and repeatability by others. The right side measure by introspection and hermeneutics (interpretation). The great challenge and opportunity for this age is actually to marry the two into a holistic approach – to measure the outside to predict what goes on on the inside and vice versa.