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I had a mail conversation with a highly intelligent person this morning about modelling. “you can´t model the interior” he said. I beg to differ. The challenge and great opportunity of our age is to model the interior based on signals in the exterior, such as language, behaviour and consumption patterns. “Good science” will have to broaden its scope from the century old division between arts & humanitites on the one hand and science & technology on the other.

Google is, in my humble opinion, likely to be the ones that pushes the limits for what can scientifically be approached. Their dual quest to add to the knowledge base of humanity for the sake of it´s own (the amazing project Google nGram for example) and their quest to improve ad targeting are both driving in the same direction. A lot of computing power and some of the smartest brains on the planet are two great resources in this quest of the 21st century.