I had the privilege to be invited to hold a talk at the higher seminar at the Media and Communication institution at Södertörn University on initiative by Jonas Andersson Schwartz recently. There I presented the idea to build an interdisciplinary available Twitter text database based on what I’ve collected and built for my amateur research. I am very grateful for the the attendance of the people at the seminar, people who I know have a busy schedule and/or many competing priorities ranging from infants to businesses to run.

The main idea is nothing more and nothing less than me donating my private database in exchange for that resources are made available to finance long-term administration, technical tender and time to initiate research relevant projects.I also present my own research interests, examples of my methodological approaches for large-scale “distant reading” of social media content and a glimpse of where I believe media research will go in the coming years. Why not have computational theology research done, for instance?