Integral Communication

Whenever we communicate verbally or non-verbally – we are actually expressing our psychology.

Verbal communication transmits the least information in relation to non-verbal communication. However, the rise of social media and cheap text analysis tools have made me very interested in written language as a means to understand the psychology behind how ideas spread between people. That´s very useful if you work with public relations or want to get attention and engagement for whatever you are wanting the world to know.

But it´s also very intersting, I believe, from the point of view of the evolution of mind, personal development and gaining interpersonal communication skills for improved relations.

You are not a personality type – but many shades of it!
Healthy people express different personality traits depending on choice (adaptation). We all have a center of gravity within this spectrum of expression which makes up our personality as our friends or collegues would describe us. When we are under a lot of stress, we might get trapped in a certain mode though, which is normally the same for each individual (read Naomi Quenck to learn more).

Today, when social media have become mainstream the opportunity to study our own and others personality based writing styles are enormous. Tools like blogs, Facebook and Twitter are encouraging millions of people to share casual and personal pieces of writing that tells a lot about personality, and thus, what motivates different people. There are tools available for you to analyze psychological pieces of information in social media, most notably the TweetPsych by Dan Zarella and my own project the Typealyzer#mce_temp_url#.

For further reading about personality and writing style and recommend Writing and Personality by Jensen & Tiberio. I haven´t found any books about an integral approach to communication, but there is an interesting and knowledgeable master thesis by Adam B Leonard who is now working for the Integral Institue.

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Writing style and motivations


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