Writing Style and Motivations

The Motivation Mapphoto © 2010 Mattias Östmar | more info (via: Wylio)

1. You have a personality type whether you know it or not, and whether you care about it or not.
2. Your personality type is intrinsic to who you are and expresses in your writing, as your writing.
3. Your readers also have personality types. Their reading preferences are shaped by their personality types.
4. The wise writer knows this and adjusts his or her writing style to appeal to as broad a spectrum of reader tastes as possible.
/from Sandy O Nathan´s blog

Using the Integral framework for studying writing style
I use the Integral framework by Ken Wilber to study writing and personality. The foremost researcher in this area is Susanne Cook-Greuter who are specialized in analyzing how the use of language reflects what psychological development level an individual is operating from.

Social Media: Looking your self and others in the mirror
For me, it´s the little things that counts. What perceptions (e.g. personas and things) we choose to write about says something about our minds. But also what adjectives we use when we make a judgement about those things can give us a clue to our world view and values. Since our world view is like the water the fish swims in, it´s not something we (or fish) think about. It´s just there. It´s hidden in plain sight, though, in our little communications about what we feel about things.

How you think decides what you do – and thus your life
Try looking at it like this. Our thinking habits in turn affects our world view. Our world view affects our values and motivations – which in turn affects what part of reality we notice, how we react emotionally to it and what we (habitually) do.When we “think out loudly”, like when we write a personal blog or update our Facebook, we have a great opportunity to look at our selves “from the outside”.

Normally the vast majority of us, are totally unaware of our own thinking habits, and have no good map to learn about ourselves even if we were aware of what pops out of our thought machine (mind) every day,

You can see the underlaying mapping between my model and Spiral Dynamics and the Integral Model at my Flickr


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