Disruptive Leap – an analysis framework for organizational change
(with Annika Lidne)

PRfekt Profiling – psychographic text classifiers for analyzing mood, values and personality

Sweet Sunday Web Crunch – Swedish online talk show about Internet
(with Björn Falkevik, Joakim Nyström and guests) – online tool for rhetoric text analysis of ethos, pathos and logos (at Startup Weekend STHLM)
(with Martin Källman)

PRfekt Analys AB – failed startup doing psychographic blog analysis
(with Jon Kågström, Ragnar Eklund and Björn Gustafsson) – psychological profiling of bloggers based on text analysis
(with Jon Kågström) – swap things online (former co-founder)
(with Emma Tingård)

Självtillit – Swedish translation of Ralph Waldo Emerson´s Self-reliance wiki
(with Johan Lundgren)


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