Psychographic text analysis, or psychographic social media analysis to be more specific, is about analyzing psychological states expressed in language. It works best when the author is using an informal tone and share everyday observations like when we tweet or write blog posts. My interest in the area came from working with PR measurement where the lack of data on audiences is one of the most pressing issues. The advent of social media paralleled with the increasing availability of text analysis tools has made it possible even for individuals to develop solutions to the problem.

The uses of psychographic analysis are much broader, though, ranging from military intelligence gathering, over behavioural ad targeting to the latest big thing: predicting the stock market based on Twitter mood signals.

The last years I´ve been working on an coherent integral psychographic text analysis model to find linguistic signals of the mood, values and personality type expressed in social media chatter.

Some of my earlier psychographic analysis models are available via uClassify:
Mood – stress sometimes gets our minds in a grip. How does it show?
Direction – Introversion (inner world focus) or extraversion (external world)?
Interest – What´s interesting – people (subjective world) or things (objective world)?
Abstraction – Space cadet or  down to earth?


1 thought on “Psychographics”

  1. You are really on to something here Mattias, but maybe missing a few key pieces..
    Would love to talk.


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